Love In Secret

by Aku P

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released March 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Aku P Mexico


I'm a 17 year old guy that's apparently a producer (wow)

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Track Name: Love In Secret ft. Fukase
[first verses]

Until the night, the night, the night,
the sun passes by the sky, sky.
It feels so warm, it's going down, is cooling down,
is the moon's turn to have the crown.

Is just, is just,
When I look at, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes...

Feeling so fucking bad, feeling so fucking sad,
always steals my sleeping hours.
I can't look at you, and I can't just touch you,
So, tell me a new reason to don't hide.


[second verses]

That painful noise, the noise, the noise,
is from the stabs, the stabs, the stabs, the stabs
in my back in my heart an all my mind with voices falling one by one...


Let's both fall in love
like there's no more of that cruel feeling,
"But Still", I wont give up!
'cause the earth is not small for find someone like you.

[third verses]

Maybe you feel, you feel, you feel,
the stare from me, from me, from me...
For me you're a hero who will save me,
You are a planet where I'd want to live >

> To live, to live,
and here I am, I am, I am,
"So bad"

Feeling really secure, feeling really immune
"That's a good reason to still alive"...



Look at those true feelings in your smile...
"Will I get one like you everyday?"
Look at you when you're looking at her...
"At least I hope to take that gentle stare"

[second bridge thing?]

Let me fall in love,
I know there won't be any chance of get you,
"But just being with you"
is more than enough for keep smiling once more...



Why, (do) the sun hides now?!
When I just, started to feel its warmth.
Let's both fall in "this",
but love in secret is harder than I thought...

[nice scream]